Welcome to the Vin Scully blog

So this is the first post in what I hope to be a long running and successful blog about the Vin Scully world in Hardball Dynasty.

I have a number of ideas for what kinds of posts I hope to be able to generate. I’m an amateur statistician and hope to bring some added context to the paltry statistics that What If gives us. When I say I am an amateur statistician I mean I read about the different baseball stats on blogs and hope to be able to replicate them with the math I picked up in college. In reality I’m an education reporter for a small daily in central Wisconsin.

A little more about me, I spent a number of seasons playing Hardball when it first came out, with some off and on success. I commished Vin Scully for two seasons before I got sent to Iraq for the second time. I came back to HBD in season 13 of VS, but then I blew my knee out playing soccer and couldn’t manage work, school, rehab along with HBD. Now that I’m finished with school and settled in at work I’ve come back to HBD.

If you wish to publish anything about the world, or HBD in general, on the blog, let me know and I’ll get you setup so you can do so. I view this as a place to post more information than what the world chat is designed, or meant for.


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