AL weighted runs above average

So I have wRAA(weighted runs above average) for the entire league. I’ve broken it into AL/NL to accommodate the fact the AL has the DH. I was hoping to be able to adjust it for position, but the way What If sets up their statistical tables it’s going to be downright impossible to do that. Well, it could be done, but I’m not going to hand-code nearly a thousand players.  So I’ll post raw data, just know that it should be adjusted up or down depending on the degree of difficulty for said position.

For those not aquainted with wRAA, check out this article over at Fangraphs.

Top 10 wRAA values in the AL:

1. Howard Blake – SEA – 52.2

2. Giovanni Boyd – NB – 49.9

3. Mateo Sanchez – CHA – 49.1

4. Bill Montgomery – SAL – 44.2

5. Khalil Lee – DET – 39.3

6. Malcolm Post – SAL – 38.6

7. Carl Parrish – SEA – 38.3

8. Milton Pittinger – CHA – 37.6

9.  Grady Tucker – HAR – 37.56

10. Don Meng -RIC – 35.1

At the other end of the ladder, the likes of Paul Long, -52, and Robert Raburn, -40, had seasons to forget.

For what it’s worth, the other two AL MVP candidates, Cleatus Frazier, + 30, and Ewell Torrealba, +27, are 15th and 17th, respectively.

Editors note: WordPress doesn’t seem to want to show the proper detailed player information. So it seems like we might be stuck with links only.


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