Defensive Statistics

As anyone who saw the numerous posts from yesterday on the world chat know, I’ve been trying to take the limited number of stats that What If gives us for fielding, and translate them into runs prevented versus an average fielder at a position.  After coming up with stats for the AL and posting them, I felt pretty happy with the results. So I went ahead and calculated the NL, and I was pretty happy again, until I saw Harry Manto  sitting there with 52 runs saved over the season. That’s a rather large number for a fielder to prevent over the course of a season. I thought maybe my system was over accounting for plus/minus plays.

So I went ahead and tried to calculate Fielding Runs (the first time I had ever done so) for the entire league, and I was getting some really odd results. Like Ed Stockton giving up four runs this season, when my stat had him leading the AL with 26 runs saved, while Chick Conroy saved about 10 runs. After looking at some other results, I decided to scrap the FR stats, and am going to stick with my system with some minor tweaks in the future. I felt a lot better after looking at the single season record for plus plays in center, and saw that Manto’s 35 were good for second best.

While I posted both the AL/NL winners of the “L.C. Golden Gloves,” I thought I would re-post them here so they can be viewed after rollover.


AL: D'Angelo Alberro - 8
NL: Endy Allen - 18

1st Base

AL: Ewell Torrealba - 10
Edgard Batista - 11

2nd Base

AL: Edgard Batista - 20
Sammy Bennett - 33

3rd Base

AL: Otto Stanley - 26
Pablo Mateo - 37


AL: Ed Stockton - 26
Ruben Suarez - 26

Left Field

AL: Wilfredo Rijo - 25
NL: Ruben Suarez - 23

Center Field

AL: Cody Rodney - 30
Harry Manto - 52

Right Field

AL: Alex Buhner - 25
NL: Julio Sosa - 18

So there you have it, the inaugural “L.C. Golden Gloves.” As for Manto, the guy was a beast in center this year.


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