Major improvements

So I’ve made a somewhat major advance in my ability to create extra statistics for Vin Scully. Every player in Hardball Dynasty has an unique ID number that is usually hidden. For example, Abdul Shannon’s unique ID is 4907676, and an example of where that value can be found is shown here.

When I would grab data from HBD and dump it into an excel workbook, I used to just copy and paste is as plain text, removing the hyperlinks and other formatting that Whatif had done to it. Well the other day I was dumping some data, and forgot to paste it as plain text, when I got the idea of trying to remove the hyperlink from the players name field in an attempt to use that unique ID. I’ve known that  the ID was included for a number of years, but never thought about trying to use it until now.

Well I researched how to create a user defined function for excel, and now have the ID in separate field, which should make using all the data I’ve collected easier. Whatif has no consistency between different menus. The league leaders menu has the players team in parenthesis beyond their name. The view roster menu has the side the player bats from behind his name. The player search menu has players stamina, something no other menu has. I use all of these different menus to dump player data into my workbooks, so I have to create specific formulas and worksheets specific to each menu if I want to avoid having to format the data every time I dump it into my spreadsheet.

Statistically HBP is available when looking at stats through the world menu, but during rollover, if a team has no owner it doesn’t show up in the dropdown menu, so the only way to get historical stats is to go to the team standing page from the season before, open up the team page, and find stats that way, but HBP isn’t available that way. Normally I couldn’t care less about HBP, but it’s one of the stats that goes into the wOBA and wRAA calculation. With about 900-1000 batters hit each season, per league, not having that information can negatively affect some players with low temper ratings who get hit a lot each season, like Erubiel Martin.

Now that I have the ability to grab the unique ID from each player, it doesn’t matter how the players name appears in that field. I’ll be able to match up a players hitting statistics with their fielding statistics and generate one number for their contributions. I just have to find out what kind of formula will do that for me. If I’m able to match up fielding and batting statistics, I’d then be able adjust a players batting for the position they play, weighting shortstops, second baseman, and center fielders against each other to account for the defensive responsibilities they face.

So I know that I said I was going to get some season 20 numbers up, but until the league gets filled the data is going to be incomplete. So I’m going to focus on building some of these new excel statistical templates so it’ll be easier to do work in the future while we wait.


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