Re-sign Free Agents/ Rehire Coaches

For this post I’ll be looking at my current crop of players hitting free agency, and the coach rehire process.

One simple hint for this process: Re-signging free agents is all about determining the amount of playing time you expect to give a player, the cost they will be, and whether you expect to find a suitable replacement on the market for less. As the free agency period moves along, unsigned players will reduce their demands. That makes signing backups a lot easier.

Dale Darling doesn’t quite have the glove to play  third, but doesn’t have the bat to play right. He’s demanding about $3 million. Either way, I’m covered at both positions with Max Acevedo and Vladimir Encarnacion which makes for an easy choice in letting him go.

 Marty Redman has had a fantastic career, but at 36 he’s lost a lot of what made him successful. He’s only demanding $700,000, but he’s essentially a DH, and his bat is only slightly better than average at first. Can still fill a void for some teams not looking to compete, but he’ll probably retire if no one picks him up after FA.

I picked up Brant Wulf two seasons ago when my starting pitching was essentially Jim Tice, but now I have Midre Hernandez and Jody DuBose with Edgardo Martin in contention. He’s demanding $5.4 million, but with Chris Murphy penciled in as my 5th starter, I can let him go without too many worries.

I’ve been shuffling Aramis James between the starting rotation and long relief the past two years. He wants $4.2 million, and that’s too much to pay for long relief in my opinion.

I picked up Benito Abreu on waivers at the end of the year, hoping that he might warrant a Type B pick, but it wasn’t to be. He wants $2.4 million, but I’ve got plenty of relief pitching, and he’d probably only get 30-40 innings with how I setup my bullpen; I will be fine without him.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a type A or B free agent, so this advice maybe wrong, and feel free to correct me. From my prior experience though, it seemed most of those players wanted to test free agency. So making the decision to let them go easier.

In terms of coach rehiring. Anyone in my minors that is willing to come back I’ll rehire. The same goes for most of my major league coaches as well, unless I feel it might be cost-effective to go for someone a little higher. I’ve got one position this year that I’m targeting to do that.


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