Free Agency – Update One

The first couple of cycles featuring free agents signing has started to happen, so I thought I’d write up a short update on where things stand.

In terms of pitchers, no Tier 1 or Tier 2 starters have signed so far. The best pitcher by my estimation to have signed has been Brant Wulf who signed for 1yr/$5.4 million with Richmond.

I haven’t looked at relief pitchers, so if you know of any notable signings let me know.

In terms of batters, that’s another question. A lot of the top free agents have already signed.

I was in the running for Khalil Lee, but after bidding got up to 5yrs/$9mil per, I backed off. I figured NY was going to bid for him, and hindsight being 20/20 I should pushed him a little farther. Lee should be a vast improvement over what Nicholas DreifortAngel James, and Fergie Engle contributed during their stints at the position. This is all assuming NY uses Lee at 1B, and doesn’t DH him. Last year shiish was all over the place in terms of who his DH was.

I just traded for Benji Diaz, and while he isn’t as good as Lee, should still be an improvement over what Karim Cortazar gave me last year.

Hartford picked up two really good players in 1B/COF Lonny Allen, and 2B Les Buchanan. He also resigned Alexi Balentien to a one-year deal.

Cleveland and Scottsdale both picked up part-time catchers in Tony Chang, and Tomas Infante, respectively, on the cheap.

Former Austin 1B J.D. Wolf was signed by Salem on a two-year deal for $4.2 million.

That should do it for the first update of free agent signings. If you feel someone fell through the cracks let me know and I’ll include him for the next update.


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