Free Agency – Update Two

Still no Malcolm McCartin sighting, but some other top pitchers have signed in the past 24 hours.

I picked up Albert Granados after he declined the option on his last year with Richmond. Total of three-years, with a somewhat front-loaded contract. Paying about $2.5 million per win he’ll add over a replacement pitcher, which sounds about right. That’ll be my one FA signing this year.

Little Rock picked up Wilfredo Cedeno on a one-year contract for $3.6 million. Not going to be able to replace McCartin, but will still do a job.

Bo Olson signed for Anaheim on a two-year, $4.6 million contract.

A lot of decent starters left, including Freddy Martin, Desi Gabriel, Ned Beam, Glen Black, and Chris Scanlan.

There are also a ton of good relief pitchers out there.

For whatever reason Tacoma released SS Felipe Blanco, and Richmond picked him up on a two-year, $5.2 million contract.

Toronto signed 3B Randy Gordon on a one-year deal.

Anaheim signed C R.J. Melo two a two-year deal. Probably more suited as a DH though.

Part-time 1B Miguel DeLeon signed for Oklahoma on the cheap, who also signed C Sean Shave

1B Derrick Cornelius crushes the ball when he makes good contact, and will draw a walk or two, but don’t expect him to hit for average. He just signed for Dover.


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