Season 20 L.C. Golden Gloves

Now that the league is completely filled, it makes grabbing historical data a lot easier, not that getting data from WIS is ever easy. I wish there was a button I could hit and it would all just automatically download, but that’s wishful thinking.

Anyway, since I last published fielding data, I’ve made some revisions to my formula. “+” and “-” play values are both weighted higher than they were before, along with outfield assists. I’ve also changed the way I convert the number of plays above/below average a lot lower than it was. No more 50 runs saved for some of the extremes. Previously I was considering an out to be worth .67 runs, while a play missed was .34 runs, based off the research into the value of a stolen base versus being thrown out. Now I’ve kind of just chosen an arbitrary value to get it onto a scale resembling UZR. I’ve got it setup right now so that the best fielders will save about 25/30 runs, and even that might be a little higher than I’m really comfortable with. I might have to come back and tweak a couple of positions to bring it more in line, but for now we’ll run with it.

I didn’t break the players into AL/NL like last time.

Here are Season 20’s L.C. Golden Glove Winners:

C –  D'Angelo Alberro – DOV – 13

1B –  Edgard Batista – TRE – 15.2

2B –  Kazuo Lee – FLA – 17.4

3B –  Gio Solano – DET – 18.7

SS –  Huston Kielty – TUC – 29.4

LF –  Craig Hardy – SCO – 18.9

CF –  Alex Buhner – DOV – 28.9

RF –  Ronnie Stratton – CLE – 11.8

Cities are those in Season 22. I didn’t want to bother going back and finding what city the team was in season 20, plus it might help the new people find players currently on their team.

The full spreadsheet can be found here.


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