Spring Training

Simply put, spring training is a waste for all but prospects and aging veterans. Anyone who has “peaked” is not going to get any benefit from ST, and is only going to deplete the number of plate appearances in their “tank” before the games actually start counting. If a guy gets 75 PA in ST, that’s 75 PA sooner he’ll start to fatigue during the regular season.

When I first got back into Hardball six months ago, that’s a rule I had forgotten. Look at players like Ed Stockton, Jimmie Velazquez, and Carl Parrish. Notice the difference in at bats between seasons 20 and 21? Yeah, that’s because I forgot to rest my guys in spring training.

Now that decision probably didn’t really cost me anything that season. I still made the playoffs, but it might have helped me secure a wildcard spot a couple games sooner, and allowed me to rest my guys sooner in preparation.

So ST is essentially for prospects who are in the minors to help get them a couple more ABs and potentially another development cycle, or your aging vets to help them stave off decline.

Last year I played Abdul Shannon in ST. This year I’ll play Carter Pritchett, and Willis Stone. Sure, they aren’t great prospects, but hey, whatever helps, right?


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