Season 20 – Offensive WAR

So for the first time ever I’ve been able to combine the fielding data I’ve come up with, and the offensive totals to derive total contribution for position players. These numbers are also adjusted for defensive position played. So a SS will get a little boost in runs, while 1B get a decrease.

For information on how WAR is computed, check out these posts over at Fangraphs.

Top Five AL Batters

1. Cleatus Frazier – RIC – LF – 7.2

2. Jayson Walker – HAR – CF – 6.8

3. Ewell Torrealba – FLA – 1B – 6.4

4. Alex Zhou – MIN – C – 6.4

5. Esmailyn Ibarra – NY1 – LF -6.2

Top Five NL Batters

1.Sid O'Keefe – TAC – 2B – 6.9

2.Mitch Garcia – TRE – CF – 6.7

3. Jonathan Todd – LOU – 1B – 6.4

4. Darrel Sweeney – NO – RF – 5.9

5. Maverick Buss – TOR – 3B – 5.6

The full spreadsheet can be seen here. Note: the number in the column underneath position represent the fielding stats I came up with, plus their positional adjustment.

As with all the other statistics I’ve posted, these are not park adjusted. Maybe sometime this season I’ll try and figure out that beast.


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