Season 20 – Pitching WAR

Wrapping up Season 20 stats is pitching WAR. One thing I learned from this season is that FIP absolutely loves Olmedo Oliva , mainly because his number of strikeouts he gets. He lost half of Season 21 due to a shoulder surgery, and his velocity is down six points. So we’ll see how much of an affect that has on his K rate. I’m still not happy he came to the AL North, but hey, we’ll deal with it.

Top Five AL Pitchers

1.  Olmedo Oliva  – FLA – 8.8

2. Malcolm McCartin – LR – 7.5

3. Darrell May – NY1 – 6.6

4. Ossie Borchard – SAL – 5.8

5. Stewart Dixon– NB – 5.5

Top Five NL Pitchers

1. Glenn Swift – COL – 6.6

2. Harry Perez – TAC – 6.4

3. Midre Hernandez – BUF – 6.2

4. Bernie Melendez – BUF – 6.0

5. Rafael Franco – SF – 5.7

As with everything, these aren’t park adjusted. So take it with a little grain of salt.

You can debate FIP all you want as to whether it’s a reliable indicator of pitcher success. Is Oliva a better pitcher than McCartin? Hard to argue that case, but FIP loves his Ks, which puts less pressure on defenses.

Full spreadsheet is here.


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