Season 22 – Best overall batters

Here is the list of the best overall batters for each position in the field. This a combination of offensive and fielding abilities. These are my individual rankings I’ve come up with. To arrive at these figures, I just did a data dump of every team’s 25-man roster into one of my spreadsheets. Positions are determined by the primary positions listed by each owner. The only exception I made with these is I didn’t name Ewell Torrealba the best 1B in the AL, because in reality he should be playing 2B.

Top Players in the AL

C: Eliezer Dotel – SAL

1B: Khalil Lee – NY1

2B: Randy Shields – LR

3B: Rich Mattingly – NY1

SS: Max Daniels – MEM

LF: Mateo Sanchez – LR

CF: Jayson Walker – HAR

RF: Giovanni Boyd – RF

DH: Howard Blake – SEA

Top Players in the NL

C: Alex Zhou – AUS

1B: Jonathan Todd – LOU

2B: Gabby Ducey – JAX

3B: Maverick Buss – AUS

SS: Chase Fassero – AUS

LF: Albert Locke – COL

CF: Troy Killian – NO

RF: Harry Mateo – COL


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