Vin Scully HoF Discussion

By Jimmy1217

A review of the season 22 HoF voting results leads to some interesting (OK, maybe) points of view. This
is an attempt to explore several, but by all means, not all possible scenarios.

The Scully World has only two honorees in its HoF prior to Season 21. One more was added in each of
21 and 22. Does it matter? Maybe not, since this is fantasy anyway, so who really cares? I am writing
this under the premise that the world deserves a better representation of its players, and that it matters
enough to try to rectify that.

I simply decided to try to do something about that, and I recognize that it will matter to others in widely
varying degrees. I am otherwise a rational adult, but you’ll have to take my word for that.

For the second season in a row, some effort was put into the publicizing the lead up to HoF voting in
order to increase our number of inductees. For season 21, I did some minor homework and put out 5
names who were leaders in categories attendant to their positions. One player got elected. This season
another slate was put out there of varied accomplished former players. There was some conversational
back and forth for other players. One player got elected.

Obviously, it’s harder to get players in than anyone has thought to date.

1) It takes 17 votes from owners to admit a player to the HoF.

2) There were only 120 + votes cast, which indicates a problem with interest, as simple math (and
a presumption that each owner voting cast a full five votes) indicates that some seven owners
didn’t vote at all. (possibly fewer didn’t vote if some did not register all five possible votes).
But that’s enough to affect the results. Someone could explore that as a fundamental issue –
Simple lack of caring? Newness, absence of league history? Poor choice of media for getting
the word out? Importance? Bad selections for the group put out there?

3) A review of the detailed results for Season 22 shows a widely dispersed voting record, with 20
players receiving votes. 11 players received only 1 or 2 votes, indicating some ‘home town’
favorites, and an independent voter streak. Neither is a bad thing. But you need 17 votes to get
in, so simply pegging a vote at a favored guy can’t possibly do anything.

4) Four players got between 6 and 8 votes. This is of some interest because these players were
not among the most discussed panel. One might assume there was some discussion off panel;
if not, then these players would benefit from some publicity in coming seasons / voting. Bobby
Logan (6), York Reese (7), Johnny Cepeda (8) and Ross Jackson (8) are worthy of consideration
especially considering this groundswell support. (Logan was put out there last year and had
received 11 votes; Reese had 8 last year)

5) Owners genuinely thought that only Buehrle in season 22 deserved to get in. Could happen,
but not likely to my thinking.

What to make of all this?

a) People just don’t care. Yet more than 20, possibly 25, owners voted.
b) The players put out there last year and this year just didn’t cut it. But they were arguably
leaders in statistical categories. Not sure how else to set things up.
c) Putting 5 players out there is too many. I think there’s some merit to this. Maybe we ought to
concentrate on three.
d) More discussion should be solicited.
e) A different medium should be used for discussion. Hard to figure that anything but the World
Chat would be better.
f) One or two people putting players out there isn’t the most supportive approach to improving
participation. Maybe there could be an owner’s sub-panel who develop the sub-slate of all
g) A different approach to solicitation of participation should be used. ‘Hall monitors’ for each
h) It just takes time. After only two entrants in 20 seasons, two in the last two seasons is not all
that bad. Maybe it takes time to overcome the inertia.

I threw a vote away by using my last vote for Johnny Cepeda. As it turned out, noted above, Cepeda
ended up with 8 votes, despite not having been supported or discussed in any way. But I suspected
when I did it that I was wasting a vote, just placating (substitute any verb you’d like) myself. With so
many one and two vote players, it’s maybe obvious we like to do that.

I said it before and will repeat that I haven’t had a horse in this race. I don’t have guys who played for
me or my franchise that I am pushing, simply trying to turn around what I perceive to be a void for us.

But all this is much ado about nothing if a) is the answer. Response?


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