Season 22 – First Quarter

The first quarter of the season has come and gone, so I felt it would be an opportune time to take a quick peak and see how things are shaking out.

On the American League side, both Hartford and Salem have built pretty sizable leads in their divisions. Things are a little tighter in the National League three divisions are withing three games of the leader.

My 1st quarter MVP in the NL would have to be Jordy Mitchell – HON, who has combined solid play at third base with a fairly decent bat.

MY AL MVP might surprise a lot of people because I chose Marv Brinkley – LA. His stats don’t jump out at you, but he’s got five assists in CF already, combined with zero errors. His .376 OBP also helps him a lot. He barely beats out Malcolm Post – SAL, because he actually plays a valuable position, rather than DHing.

Least valuable players would have to be Pablo Benitez – COL, who really shouldn’t be playing short, and Lazy Jenkins – NB.

In terms of overall team performance, LA’s batters are surprisingly good for a team that has a .300 winning percentage. They are the best fielding team by my metrics, and the fifth best offense. If only they could find some pitching…

Best overall team performance between fielding and hitting has to be Hartford, besting LA by about 1.4 WAR total so far.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a look at pitching and the blog’s initial “power rankings” looking at fielding, batting, and pitching.

Note – Everything from here on out will be park adjusted using the values I developed and posted in the forums a week ago.


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