Season 22 – First Quarter Pitching

I thought about just titling this post “The First Quarter Malcom McCartin Update” because the numbers he’s putting up in Colorado are ridiculous. Granted, he’s only pitched in the mile high city four/five times at this point, but it’s still ridiculous. As of this morning, McCartin has put up a 2.01 unadjusted FIP. Adjusting for park factors drops it down to 1.81. The guy is a fucking machine.

McCartin’s WAR for the first quarter of the season is 3.53, almost a full win higher than Ossie Borchard, the next person in the entire world. If he keeps up this pace he’ll surpass 10 wins, which I haven’t seen done yet.

He is without question the favorite at this part of the year to walk away with the NL CY Young. His trophy cabinet has to be massive. Borchard is tops in the AL at 2.59, though Lawrence Busby isn’t far behind at 2.47.

Los Angeles, buddy, you really need to do something with your pitching. Elroy Reed, and Billy Hatcher need a rest. As a matter of fact, your entire bullpen needs to be sorted out, otherwise you’ll end up with more injuries like what just happened to Adam Barker.

As far as overall team performances, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Colorado is at the tops thanks to McCartin and Glenn Swift. Lousivlle, Honolulu, Anaheim, and Seattle round out the top five.


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