Season 22- Quarter Two – Batters

I’ll start this post by stating that the WAR spreadsheet that I used to base these numbers off of made a lot of changes since the last time I posted.

Gone are the arbitrary fielding numbers that I worked up off of MikeT23’s PPI system. In are the new modified fielding percentages developed with jtrinsey. Essentially it takes the number of outs generated by a player, divided by the number of chances, with minus plays included, and plus plays subtracted from the total chances. So a player with more + plays than errors will see his total fielding percentage over 1.000. 

This gets us to the number of plays above average a player converted into outs, and since the wOBA calculator tells us how much each out is worth during the season, we multiply the two together to tell us how many runs a player was worth in the field.

The top defenders at each position will save about 12-17 runs over the course of a season based on full season numbers, from the limited tests I’ve seen. So gone are the days where a player is worth 40 runs from fielding alone.

I’ve also included the baserunning component of WAR for the first time. From what I’ve seen, the top base stealers in the league will be worth two wins, at most.

Most Valuable Players – Q2
Giovanni Boyd moves into the front-runner position for the AL, and he’s a clear front-runner at this point. Since I named him as the Q1 MVP, Marv Brinkley has done squat, but that’s to be expected since LA has been abandoned.

Jordy Mitchell has also fallen back into the peloton since I named him Q1 MVP for the NL.

Currently Sid O'Keefe has a slight lead over Alex Zhou. It’ll be interesting to see what happens the rest of the way. Speaking of Zhou, first ballot hall of famer, right? He has to be.

Least Valuable Players – Q2 

Both Sherm Kerr and Harry Manto are at the bottom of the NL in terms of WAR. Yes, Harry Manto, the guy I tried to say saved something like 40-50 runs last year with his defense in CF. He’s putting in good defense this year again, but the fielding runs stats aren’t worth as much now.

In the AL, Monte Winn is clearly the least valuable player by about .6 wins at this point.

I’ll have pitcher data later, but if you want a sneak peak at the full spreadsheet, click here.


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