Season 22 – Quarter Two – Malcolm McCartin Update

As you probably noticed from the spreadsheet I posted with the batter data, McCartin is absolutely dominating National League hitters this year. Even by his own standards what he is doing is absurd this year. The closest pitcher, Pep Zimmerman, is nearly two whole wins behind McCartin at the halfway point. Assuming he keeps up this pace for the rest of the year, and his .259 BABIP suggests a regression back to the mean, he’s on pace for a WAR over 10.

I haven’t gotten around to dumping all the previous season’s pitcher data into my WAR sheet, but I’ve been able to grab all the batter data, and a 10 WAR has only been done three times; Twice in season two, when the engine was a little “tardish’ and once in season 19, when Alex Zhou put up a 10.03 WAR.

Sidenote: Speaking of Zhou, he has the highest career WAR total of any batter in Vin Scully, active or retired, at 103. Who’s second on the list, you ask? Well that would be Luke McFeely at 85.2. I think it’s safe to say both should be in the hall of fame soon.

Back to assessing season 22 pitchers. The American League things are a little closer, with Lawrence Busby, and Olmedo Oliva tied at 3.6. However, there are four pitchers within half a run of those two in the AL: Ossie Borchard, Albert Granados, Mike Lawrie, and Pasqual Elcano. Of those four, I expect Granados to fall back a little, as his .250 BABIP suggests he’s over-performing a little.

I would do worst pitchers so far, but we all know that they consist of a bunch of Los Angeles players. So there really is no need.

To view the complete sheet, the link can be found here.


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