Season 22 – Third Quarter – Power Rankings

Rather than write out the power rankings, I figured it’d just be easier to post the screenshot from the spreadsheet.

I’m debating whether or not to separate the rankings into AL and NL. Thoughts? My thinking is because the AL has the DH, they have a distinct advantage when it comes to wRAA numbers. Any DH worth his spot is able to overcome the 19 fielding runs they get penalized for being a DH. On the flip side, a pitcher in the NL gets penalized because they have to bat. I’ve seen some pitchers over the course of a season “cost” their team an entire win because of their hitting.

On the flip side, NL pitchers have it a lot easier, and compared to their AL counterparts, have better numbers because they don’t face a DH.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see that five of the top six teams in pitching are NL teams, while the top six hitting teams are in the AL.

Anyway, mull it over, let me know what you think. I didn’t separate them this time, though the NL teams are highlighted blue.

Q3 Power


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