Season 22 – Third Quarter WAR

I’m not going to bother writing up something short on what the third quarter pitching WAR numbers are, as I basically laid it all out in the little chat message. McCartin is the clear favorite in the NL, with Lawrie, Oliva and Bourchard fighting it out in the AL. If I had to bet, I’d bet on Bourchard was his BABIP is near .300, and the other two are well under .300. I’d expect them to fall back a little, but hey, who knows.

As far as batter WAR figures, in the AL it’s a close race between Giovanni Boyd, and Ewell Torrealba. Interesting enough, neither are playing on a team that looks like they’re going to make it to the playoffs.

To find that player, you’d have to go down to Dennis Park with Little Rock, who is definitely overplaying his ratings offensively.

In the NL, clearly Sid O'Keefe is the favorite for NL MVP in my opinion.

The full spreadsheet can be found here.


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