Vin Scully – Season 22 – Full Season

I’ve got the final numbers for season 22.

We’ll just get the easy one out of the way as we all know Malcolm McCartin is going to win the NL Cy Young Award. This year he’s been worth four wins more than the next closest pitcher in the league, which is surprising because he’s in frickin Colorado of all places.

In the AL, Mike Lawrie ended up pulling away in the last quarter to take the crown in terms of WAR. We’ll see how the votes fall.

NL MVP should go to Sid O'Keefe at 8.6. The next two closest people in the NL were Richard Flores at 6.4 and Jordy Mitchell at 6.2.

Despite not making it to the playoffs, the AL MVP should go to Max Daniels at 8.1. Ewell Torrealba and Giovanni Boyd were at 7.2 and 7.1 respectively.

AL ROY should go to Phillip Harris with 4.3 while NL ROY is a tie between Al Javier and Rob Watson at 3.6.

I’ll have the LC’s Golden Gloves here in a day or so.

The full spreadsheet for both pitchers and batters can be found here.


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