Vin Scully – Season 22 – L.C.’s Golden Gloves

I know I said I was going to post this almost immediately after the full season 22 WAR numbers were up, but I got distracted and totally forgot about it. I can’t remember if I explained the changes to the defensive metric I’m using, and I’m too lazy right now to go back and check. Essentially what it is, is converted chances minus league average rate converting total chances times the value of an out for the specified season. The full equation for those so inclined is ((PO+A)-((PO+A+E+minus play – plus plays)*lgavgrate) )*outvalue. A plus play is considered a play that a normal fielder wouldn’t make, and thus is subtracted from the total amount of chances, while a minus play is essentially treated as an error as it’s a play the fielder should have made, though not all minus plays would have been an out in the engine, there is no way of knowing without combing box scores, and like Sweet Brown, ain’t nobody got time for dat.

For a demonstration I’ll use Ed Stockton‘s numbers from last season, in which he had 193 PO, 362 A, 11 E and 22 + plays. The league average conversion rate for chances at SS was .96, while an out was worth .296 runs. So the formula would look something like this: ((193+362)-((193+362+11+0-22)*.96))*.296=9.63.

The calculations for catcher and first base are a little different, but revolve around the same concept.

The numbers posted are raw numbers without positional adjustments for calculating total WAR, which is why they are different from the numbers on the spreadsheet I posted for season 22.


AL: Richard Clapp – NB – 23.2

NL: Yamid Beltran – CH1 – 16.5

First Base

AL: Nicholas Dreifort – LA – 7.3

NL: Frank Nakamura – NO – 5.8

Second Base

AL: Otis Justice – MIN – 6.5

NL: Al Javier – TAC – 2.9

Third Base

AL: Huston Kielty – TUC – 7.5

NL: Al Barrios – BUF – 5.6


AL: Ralph Simpson – TUC – 13.4

NL: Carlos Gonzalez - HON - 8.7

Left Field

AL: Harry Figureoa – FLA- 5.4

NL: Albert Locke – COL – 4.3

Center Field

AL: Denny Beard – RIC – 6.8

NL: Harry Manto – BUF – 6.1

Right Field

AL: Cesar Arrojo – MIN – 3.5

NL: Julio Sosa – OK – 3.5


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