Career WAR

So in my downtime I’ve been slowly compiling historical stats for the world. I’ve got all 22 seasons of offensive and fielding data, and the first seven seasons for pitching data.

The spreadsheet with all the data I’ve got so far can be found here.

For the batters, the season count is how many times the player appears in the spreadsheet. If a player played on two teams in a given season, he’ll appear twice, so it’s not an exact representation of how many seasons they appeared in the majors.

The positional columns are the fielding statistic developed, including positional adjustments based on games played. If two fielders were close in a given season on the raw data, but one played more game, that guy will have a higher run data based on the adjustments. So just take that into account.

FRAA is just a sum of all the positional columns.

wRAA is exactly what is, weight runs above average based on wOBA.

wSB is just a gauge for how much a player contributes by stealing bases.

FRAA, wRAA and wSB is all expressed in runs.

Total WAR is expressed in wins.

The pitcher sheet is pretty self-explanatory.


I’ll update the pitcher sheet once I get more time.


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