Tank Watch: Kansas City

I think a lot of us suspected Kansas City was in the start of blowing up his team and tanking for a couple of seasons. Only time will tell if that’s the ultimate direction, but holy hell does it sure look like it right now.

The worst rotation in the league by two points, the second worst bullpen, and the worst batters by a whopping five overall points. Yes, my overall rating is very subjective, but it’s based on solid overall statistical projections for batters.

No offense to Buffalo, but the Wings destroyed Kansas City 26- 7 during the opening series, and they didn’t exactly put up much of a fight against Tacoma. Their one win so far was more of a fluke than anything;Donn Christians got lucky while Harry Perez had some poor defense behind him.

Currently Kansas City has a total major league payroll of $13 million. Only three players make more than the major league minimum, and one (Dave Witte) just got designated for assignment despite being arguably the third best position player on the team to make way for a THE worst player in the majors (Charlie Callaway) at second base. I rate Callaway as a -1.6 WAR player over the course of 600 PAs, and that’s if he hits his projections of a .503 OPS and a .243 wOBA. At least the guy can play a lick of defense. Yes, I did say Callaway is the worst player in the majors right now by my measures, right behind Huston Kielty. Sidenote: Kietly’s WARs the last four seasons: .056, .022, .446, and -1.32.

This is even before we get to players like Tom Dalrymple, Victor Pastornicky, Vic Borbon, Damaso Marquez, and David Crow holding down everyday starting jobs in the field. Out of those five guys only one, Crow, I predict will have a positive WAR come the end of the season.

Let’s get into pitching.

There are currently, as of tonight’s PM2 cycle, 161 pitchers listed as starters. Guess who has three of the worst 10?

Obviously the answer is Kansas City.

This is how I rank the KC starters:

Rico Manzanillo: 133
Quinton Slowey: 147
Paulie Buford: 152
Donn Christians: 160
Alving Juarez: 161

Remember the five “tiers” I outlined with the pitching ranks? All five KC starters are in that last tier, which I defined as marginal major leaguers/life time AAA.

I’m not even going to bother talking about relievers, because what’s the point?

It’s obvious he’s tanking.


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