Tank Watch: Assembling a better team

I was bored while watching the Stanley Cup game, and the girlfriend is out of town for the week. So I thought about how could Kansas City, who is admittedly tanking, could’ve built a team that was better, at a somewhat similar cost.

Below is the team I came up with, from readily available players in the world. For the sake of this exercise I defined “readily available” as any player over 27 years old, in the minor leagues, and under $2 million. I’m sure the owners of these guys wouldn’t demand too much in a trade.

I guarantee that this team would perform better than Kansas City

C: Keith Stockton – SAL – $327k
1B: Robert Damon – SYR – $327k
2B: Logan Bradley – CLE – $1.6 mil
3B: Dewayne Brooks – WAS – $725k
SS: Javy Lee – RIC – $327k
LF: Ronald Terrell – LA – $327k
CF: Michel Contreras – DET – $327k
RF: Chuck Simms – SEA – $360k

BSS: Ramiro Iglesias – TRE – $327k
BC: Gerrit O'Brien – BUF – $327k
PH: Esmailyn Lugo – TRE – $327k
PH: Ryan Redman – ATL – $343k
PH: Bernard Adcock – JAC – $327k

SP: Alfredo Santiago – JAX – $327k
SP: Phil Teahen – LR – $327k
SP: Roger Davis – JAC – $343k
SP: Jin Ho Koh – HAR – $327K
SP: Darryl Knapp – MIN – $327k

RP: Rafael Romero – SCO – $515k
RP: Jimmy Simon – HAR – $765k
RP: Andy Brooks – HON – $378k
RP: Marcus Ransom – BUF – $327k
RP: Douglas Ford – NY1 – $327k
RP: Wilt Rivers – AUS – $327k
RP: Fernando Lee – HON – $327k


Total Cost: $10.6 million


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