Season 23 Award Shortlists

Something new to the blog, well in terms of actually receiving a dedicated post rather than being lumped in with quarter three WAR numbers. Below is a shortlist of players that SHOULD be considered for awards, not ultimately what WIS will give us for votes. This is all based on data about 118-120 games into the season, so these are all subject to change. There is going to be an obvious front runner in each based off the data, but I will update these at the end of the season along with who I’m voting for.

*Note, for ease of posting, I’m not going to link to players. I trust you’ll be able to find them.


1. Howard Blake – DH – SEA – 5.8

2. Julio Rivera – LF – MIN – 5.5

3. Don Meng – DH- RIC – 5.5

4. Ivan Baez – SS – MEM – 5.1

5. Ewell Torrealba – 2B – MEM – 5.1

My thoughts: Do I think Blake is going to win the MVP when he wasn’t even an All-Star? Probably not. I think this will come down to Rivera, Baez or Torrealba.


1. Bing Tannehill – 2B – AUS – 5.4

2. Sid O’Keefe – 2B – TAC – 5.3

3. Richard Flores – C – WAS – 5.2

4. Jonathan Todd – 1B – LOU – 4.8

5. Heathcliff Dorsey – 2B – BUF – 4.5

My thoughts: This is going to come down to O’Keefe and Flores(if he even gets on the list). Tanneheill is a little below average fielding, and is boosted a tad by stolen bases.  Flores has been really solid behind the plate this year.

AL Cy Young

1. Olemdo Oliva – DET – 6.2

2. Willie Rooney – SAL – 4.3

3. Mike Lawrie – NY1 – 4.3

4. Albert Grandados – SEA – 4.0

5. Ossie Borchard – SAL – 3.9

My thoughts: Oliva in a landslide. It’d be interesting to see where the Highlanders would be if Rooney was still on their team. Also, AL wins leader Jody Dubose (19) is at 2.0 giving further credence to the fact that wins are overrated.

NL Cy Young

1. Malcolm McCartin – COL – 6.9

2. Don Carter – TAC – 5.4

3. Harry Perez – TAC – 5.2

4. Willie Ellis – LOU – 4.6

5. Carlos Nieves – TRE – 4.4

My thoughts: I’ve lost count on how many Cy Young’s McCartin has won, but he’ll add to the trophy cabinet this year.

Rookie of the Year

I’m not going to try and find out which players have less than one year of service time and are eligible for this.

AL Gold Glove

C – Del Martin – MEM

1B – Esmerling Vazquez – BAL

2B – Alexi Balentien – SCO

3B – Rich Mattingly – NY1

SS – Tony Olivares – NO

LF – Cookie Albaladejo – CLE

CF – Alex Buhner – BAL

RF – Denny Scales – RIC

NL Gold Glove

C – Richard Flores – WAS

1B – Edgard Batista – TRE

2B – Heathcliff Dorsey – BUF

3B – Al Barrios – BUF

SS – Vasco Camacho – BUF

LF – Jay Jones – TRE

CF – Mikey Governale – ATL

RF – Damaso Marquez – KC


I would try to do Silver Sluggers at the moment, but the way my spreadsheet is setup it’d have to be if a player played at least 1 inning at a position he would show up at that position. So I’m going to wait until the end of the season to do them.


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