Season 23 – Pitcher WAR

Sorry this is late. I had hoped to get this up sometime before award voting was done, but a number of events conspired to prevent me from doing so. Here are the top five for each league, as well as team ratings that are used as one half of the team power rankings later.

American League

1. Olmedo Oliva – DET – 8.0

2. Mike Lawrie – NY1 – 6.5

3. Willie Rooney – SAL – 6.4

4. Ossie Borchard – SAL – 5.9

5. Albert Granados – SEA – 5.2

Season 23 Cy Young Winner Jody DuBose was around 16th in the AL with 3.9.

National League

1.Malcolm McCartin – COL – 10.2

2. Harry Perez – TAC – 6.6

3. Don Carter – TAC – 6.3

4. Willie Ellis – LOU – 6.2

5. Emmanuel Estrada – TAC – 6.1

Season 23 Pitching

As you can see, McCartin accounted for about 28 percent of Colorado’s pitching performance by himself this year. In the two years in Colorado he’s contributed 20.9 wins above replacement, and been paid $45 million, meaning each win he puts up cost amohoop34 $2.15 million. From stuff I’ve read about MLB, each win on the free agent market costs about $2.5 million. Translate that into HBD and McCartin should have been paid more than $50 million in those two years. We’ll see how his body holds up in the remaining years of the  contract, but right now he’s been an unbelievable bargain.

Full spreadsheet is here.


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