Season 24 – Pitching Power Rankings

Season 24 kicked off today, so it’s probably about time to look at how teams stack up on paper.

Here’s the power rankings of starting pitchers. For a pitcher to be considered a starter, the team’s owner had to have had him in the starting rotation, as judged by the “Player Search —> starters” tool.

Season 24 Pitching


For those new to the world, I have a set of formulas built into spreadsheets that I use to judge players on. It’s the same formula I use to determine trades and free agent signings for my own team. So that’s probably why I’m near the top, not that I don’t have good pitchers or anything. Average WAR is what I would expect each pitcher to contribute in terms of wins above a replacement player in WIS. Average OVR is just my own overall rating that works better than WIS’ in my opinion. The column this is sorted by is “Overall,” which is the total projected WAR for the starters on each team because rotation size typically doesn’t stray too far from five usually.

It turns out that Tacoma has, on paper, a better rotation than I currently do.

As you can also see, Montreal and Tampa Bay only have two starters as of tonight, and St. Louis has three.

Here are the relievers:

Season24 Relief


Same concept as starters, except sorted by average WAR as bullpen size can vary depending on personal preferences.


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