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Season 23 – Free Agency

I haven’t been as active on updating the blog this season, and for that I apologize.

Here’s a quick run down of the off season acquisitions so far.

Gabby Ducey comes over the the National League to join Little Rock on a 5yr/$73.9 million deal. I was in the bidding on him, but I was only willing to do 5yrs at $12.5 million per with a $8-9 million bonus this year. They also lock up perennial gold glove catcher D'Angelo Alberro for five years.

Both Alex Zhou and Maverick Buss are staying in Austin for the next couple of years. I’ve sang the praises of Zhou before, and I will continue to until he’s a HOF. The guy is far and away the league leader for career WAR.

Armando Melendez stays in the American League, but switches to the southern division as he joins San Juan. He’s probably no longer suited for duty behind the plate, but his bat is still potent.

Another Hartford loss as Alexi Balentien moves over to Scottsdale on a very reasonable 3yr/$15 million deal.

Baltimore, formerly Dover, holds onto Michael Myers.

Somehow Hartford gets Angel Wilfredo on a one year deal.

Jacksonville cuts lose Fritz Purcell allowing Syracuse to pick him up.

I signed Jerry Whitman to replace Benji Diaz at 1B. I also brought in Kazuo Lee to play CF, which his range should make him a good candidate for gold glove, though his arm probably isn’t up to snuff. Oh well, he’ll play a better CF than Jimmie Velazquez would’ve. Though all I want him to do is walk and get on base.

After an off year, Sean Shave moves to Jacksonville. Like Melendez, he’s probably not going to be even an average catcher anymore, but he’ll do in a pinch.

Jackson signed Greg Blake, probably to replace Shave. His bat isn’t as good as Shave’s, but he definitely a better fielder.

Our fearless commish signed Pablo Mateo for four years.

Switching over to starting pitchers real quick before I sign off for the night:

I’m happy that Willie Rooney is out of my division, as he’s playing in Salem now.

After being abused in Los Angeles last season, Melky Serra moves over to Jackson. They also pick up Matty Owen, and Miguel Ayala. If I had to guess who will have the most improved pitching staff without really looking too hard, my guess would have to be on Jackson.

Another Hartford loss, Kevin Lennon is now playing in Syracuse. Lennon looks oddly like Jody DuBose if you ask me.

Another pitcher out of my division, Pedro Mercedes is now playing in Sacramento, who is in the AL West.

Hartford is able to stem the loss of Lennon with Santos Henriquez on a one year deal.

Al Lee signs for New Orleans.

And that’s where I’ll leave it at. I’ll try to post something tomorrow.

Look for Ewell Torrealba, and Les Buchanan in future updates.